Team Youth Training

Training can start at any age for any sport and it’s never too soon to build the foundation of smart and effective training.  It’s our purpose to educate appropriate training techniques for anyone age 8 and up!  In most cases, lifting too soon or improperly lead to worse cases. Our classes educate your kid on core development, functional balance training, flexibility work, plyometric training, conditioning, speed training, agility training, injury prevention and even strength training. Simple body weight exercises prepare the young athlete for physical stressors, reduce the risk of injury, all while increasing ones health, performance, and overall confidence significantly.


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Personal Training

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Group Training

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Athletes Spotlight


GRITTPITT has had the privilege to work with these boys. They recently won the 2016 Utah Little League All Star Championship. Now they need your help to get them to the Little League Baseball World Series. Check out the site and donate. Show your support!

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