When I first met Jon, I had some reservations. I heard that all he used was bands. Yuck! I thought why are you giving me a trainer that uses bands! Come to find out that bands will put you on your keister! Jon has one rule: Leave all your baggage, worries, and anything else that might get in the way of giving 100%. Man, let me tell you their has been some sessions where I hobble away feeling accomplished, alive, and invigorated. In short, get ready to meet the days hurdles head on whatever they may be. GRITT PITT FOR LIFE!!!
Brandon Hofmiester


Last year I got in a car accident which tore my meniscus and shredded my hamstring. I played through football season, but it only got worse during basketball season. I began my workouts with Coach Mills to prepare for baseball. I wasn’t able to do the team lifts so Mills personalized a workout to help with the rehab of my leg. After a month and a half, I began to see changes with the strength and stamina in my leg. I’ve always thought of lifting weights as the hardest workout but Mills taught me otherwise. With stretching resistance band sprints and body weight work, I was stronger than I have ever been!
Ike Jorgensen


I experienced a high level of satisfaction working with Jonathan Mills as my personal trainer. Jonathan’s superb level of professional expertise was nicely balanced by his personable and motivational approach. He managed to figure out quickly how and how much to push me, and that resulted in progress that was noticeable and gratifying for me. Jonathan was particularly conscious about safety issues in his training, which was important to me as a gym novice. His explanations and demonstrations were clear and effective. I give him very high marks on his teaching skills. I’m going to sign my wife up to work with him, and I recommend him for others without reservation.
Brent Hanson


Thank you for being the best Personal Trainer! You helped me recover from two total knee replacements. Your great knowledge and ability to motivate were a major part of my recovery. I consider myself one of the lucky ones who got to work with you. My hope is that many others will benefit by your assistance.
Lillie Baiardi


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